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From Dave Weis <>
Subject RE: dynamic img src attribute
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 20:03:44 GMT

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Andy Kriger wrote:
> That is neat - but I'm not talking about query parameters. I'm talking about
> the src string itself.

<img src="<bean:write name="BEAN" property="property"/>">

should do it.


> >I tried asking this few days ago when my understanding of struts was
> >significantly less than it is now (and I didn't phrase my question very
> well
> >at that).
> >
> >Here's what I'd like to do...
> ><img src='<dynamically generated path stored in a bean>' />
> >with the constraint that I'd like to avoid the <% %> syntax (i want to keep
> >the JSP free of these things completely for the sake of the content
> >generating folks that don't know Java/JSP code).
> >
> >Is there a struts taglib or other taglib that allows you to do something
> >like...
> ><img>
> >	<param name='src' bean='myBean' property='beanProp' scope='beanScope'>
> ></img>
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