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From Vernon Wu <>
Subject Re: User Notification
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 18:43:44 GMT

I want to have a better implementaiton over unnecessary DB access. That is the reason I would
like to use a 
notification mechanism. 

9/23/2002 2:41:05 PM, Eddie Bush <> wrote:

>Sounds like a simple DB-lookup to me.  You aren't going to update the 
>client until they refresh at page at least.  You'd just have to include 
>something that polled for new messages in each page you wanted them to 
>receive notification.  I'm not familiar with what you mean by "stored as 
>a DOM" or the implications of that, so maybe this is a bad suggestion ;-)
>Vernon Wu wrote:
>>I need to implement a message system, sort like email but inside the Java web application
only for its users. After one 
>>user, A, sends a message to another, B, B shall be notified to retrieve the updated
messages if B is on line. I plan to 
>>implement messages as stored in a DOM. My question is how the notification shall be
implemented.  I only use a web 
>>container, and considering to add in a JMS server for IM.
>>Any suggestions?
>Eddie Bush
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