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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject [J2EE] Does struts follow Sun's Core J2EE patterns
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 18:14:05 GMT
Over lunch I was discussing struts with someone that works at another
company. He hasn't implemented struts at all but only has looked at
some articles, and doesn't see what all they 'hype' is about. In his
opinion, building a j2ee controller that follow's Sun's J2EE pattern
is not that difficult and using the JSTL he feels more comfortable
using for the view (than say struts tags). He also still questions if
it follows Sun's core J2EE patterns.

I actually explained what I thought most impressive is how the
controller relates to taking in an ActionForm. He feels this breaks
Sun's standard (although I'm not sure why.. time was short).

Does anyone have comments or links to articles where Struts is
supported by those that came up with Sun's J2EE pattern? I've been
searching Google but it's really hard to get a foothold on the best/
most pertinent stuff.

Thanks for any information anyone could provide.



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