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From Alex Birch <>
Subject Action.getResources(request) not working
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 04:33:31 GMT

I already asked this question earlier but I didn't get a correct answer...

I have 1 file which I can happily access in my jsp page using
<bean:message key="somekey"/>

but in any of my Actions when I try to go:

  MessageResources messages = getResources(request);
  MessageResources messages = getResources(request, "ApplicationResources");
  MessageResources messages = getResources(request, "ApplicationResources");

then getResources(...) returns null...

I can use getResources() - the deprecated method but I don't like using a deprecated method
there's no reason why the other methods shouldn't work

am I doing something stupid and totally wrong? I don't see why getResources(request) doesn't

in my web.xml I have the usual:


There's nothing in my struts-config.xml file relating to the resources

thanks again in advance,


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