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From "Howard Miller">
Subject ActionMapping.getAttribute()
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 20:21:42 GMT

Confused again....

short question.... what does the method ActionMapping.getAttribute() do?? The 
javadoc for it is a bit terse!

Longer version... I'm working through the struts-example (carefully) this time, and it 
keeps turning up - I simply can't see what its for. In particular in it is used to store the RegistrationForm bean that is 
created. Why is that done? I would have thought that is a bean is stored in the 
request or session scope it would just have a constant value - not this mystery value - 
what am I missing?

While on the subject, (and I suspect related) - what does ActionMapping.getScope() 
do? I don't get how an Action can have a scope and/or an Attribute. What's the 

Howard Miller

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