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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: [OT] Guidelines for working weekends
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 23:47:40 GMT
James Higginbotham wrote:

>>Very, very odd.  Netbeans somehow didn't save the changes I 
>>had made - 
>>but thought it did.  Upon restarting the IDE my error (it's 
>>error!) was 
>>obvious ...  Man, how I wish Emacs would pull up completions 
>If you configure JDEE, it will do this with CTRL-C CTRL-V CTRL-. Let me
>know if you don't use it or have had trouble configuring it to work.
>I've been using for years on 20.7 and now 21.2+ with the latest Beta and
>love it. I also have it invoking ant with a query before it launches so
>I can specify the ant target, and a function key mapping to build, then
>go to next/prev error, plus import class under cursor and go to source
>under cursor. Most features in the modern day, memory hog IDEs. Oh, my
>kingdom for a Borland native IDE again. Maybe I'll try IDEA soon. The
>only thing I miss with Emacs/JDEE is a refactoring feature, which a
>package called Xrefactory would solve if you manage 2 project files. Oh,
>the humanity!
I'll have to check into this - sounds good.  If you happen to have a 
handy summary of what I should obtain and how I should go about 
installing it don't hesitate to shoot me a copy directly.

>>...  That's 
>>one of the few reasons I use Netbeans - it saves keystrokes.
>That's one of the reasons I use Emacs - no VM and Swing overhead - it
>saves memory and I can do cool macro recordings ;)
Yes - Java IDEs are rather hoggish on resources.  I've always found the 
macros a handy feature as well - it's amazing how quickly you can modify 
things by recording a macro and then turning it loose for several 
iterations ^u-20-^x-e - very handy ...

I guess I'm just odd.  Well, and you must be too ;-), because I - like 
you - always prefered Emacs.  It's really light-weight and ... the power 
is something else.

So far as IDEA goes.  I tried it - and I like it (and Eclipse too) - but 
I really prefer good ol'e Netbeans.  Of course, we're all different ;-)


Eddie Bush

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