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From "Howard Miller">
Subject Re: Getting Crazy! Struts RAD
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2002 09:29:26 GMT

I use easy-struts (and JBuilder). Its quite basic really, and the jsp's it produces are a

little rough - but you would change them anyway whatver it produced. It does though 
set up the jsp, the form bean, the action class, and puts the entries in the config file.

Takes quite a bit of the pain out of creating a new page. No documentation to speak 
of, but its fairly obvious.

I also use struts-console, which helps in editing the struts-config file. 

It has helped me no-end, as there is so much to set up, I always forgot something!


On 12 Oct 2002 at 9:42, flare wrote:

> I'm REALLY (REALLY) satisfied with struts and have many projects in 
> production running like a charm.. I've my classes, my taglibs, my 
> solutions, everything is great BUT I'm starting to realize that lately I 
> spend more time getting the whole framework to work than coding!  I've 
> to create the forms, converting the html tags, setting the templates or 
> using the decorator pattern (other configuration issues) , building the 
> mappings, modifying the web.xml etc...etc.. It takes a couple of hours to 
> code the business logic and a week to configure struts ;D 
> Are there RAD tools that allow building a form like Dreamweaver and 
> output skeleton classes and configuration files? I need nothing to 
> complex, I mean a point and click solution that outputs not working code 
> (just a skeleton) not a overcomplex application that does everything 
> even if you don't want it and takes 6 months to fully understand it.
> Don't tell me to go to the  Husted site, I just want an advice not links  
>  Thanx in advance
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