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From "Howard Miller">
Subject RE: (sigh!) another pre-populate question
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 20:43:34 GMT
Simon (we meet again)..

Sounds very interesting, but I'm not quite there: 
Firstly I'm not entirely sure what you mean by separating view and edit pages. I'm 
actually trying to write what I think of as an edit page (it basically is setting up some

parameters for a graph). But I need to load default parameters (well its worse than 
that I actually load an existing "user" session bean as the page parameter, as this 
contains all the stuff I need).

Secondly, I do see what you mean by having a PreAction and a PostAction, but I 
don't see how I would set that up in the struts-config. Can you hold my hand a bit 
here, as it where?

One more thing... how does the PreAction actually call the associated JSP. I seem to 
have a problem with this!

Cheers... Howard

On 15 Oct 2002 at 15:35, Chappell, Simon P wrote:

> Howard,
> Remember what I said about Scriptlets? Well, calling an action with a mode is worse and
you'll be forced to watch Emmerdale farm until the cows come home as punishment! (Gotta give
these folks some humour, even if they won't understand it :-)
> Here's what I do, for what it's worth:
> When I have view and edit pages, I separate them. Better to have two pages that don't
have a bunch of <logic:equal> tags in them IMNSHO. e.g. fooDisplay.jsp and fooEdit.jsp
> When I have a page foo.jsp, I create two actions: fooPreAction and fooPostAction. The
fooPreAction does whatever it takes to setup for the foo.jsp (mostly sticking data into fooForm)
and the fooPostAction does the actual processing. In our recent project we observed this pattern
and naming 
convention and it worked quite well for us.
> Simon
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> >From: Howard Miller []
> >Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 3:27 PM
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> >Subject: (sigh!) another pre-populate question
> >
> >
> >Sorry if I keep asking variatons on the same question.
> >
> >I have a JSP called "dosomething" and an associated action 
> >called "dosomething 
> >Action".
> >
> >I want to pre-load the form, but this page can be called from 
> >all over the place, so my 
> >previous page calls the action for the "dosomething" page 
> >directly, having a link that 
> >looks like "/". The action creates 
> >and pre-populates the 
> >bean for the form. 
> >
> >Question: (a) is this a sensible way to proceed (as far as I 
> >can tell it is similar to the 
> >method in the struts-example). and (b) How do I correctly call 
> >the "dosomething.jsp" 
> >page from the "dosomethingAction"??
> >
> >Problem is I am using "mapping.getInput()" and all I get is an 
> >empty page with just 
> >headers - no errors - weird! 
> >
> >HM
> >
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