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From Adam Sherman <>
Subject Re: <nested:iterate> & building columns
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 15:02:11 GMT
Arron Bates wrote:
>>What about a Set?
> List and Map implementations only. Only because the properties for
> getting at an item in a collection needs a key. int's for lists and
> arrays, and objects (strings) for the mapped collections. Set is just a
> bunch, and there's no way in an iteration for the system to be able to
> get a specific item. This is in relation to updating from a request, and
> in the nested tags case, drawing the output in the first place.

Since a Set has an iterator() method, and <logic:iterate> supports using 
an Iterator, souldn't it be modified to automatically get an iterator 
for Collections that are Sets?


Adam Sherman
Software Developer
Teach and Travel Inc.

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