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From Adam Sherman <>
Subject Re: <nested:iterate> & building columns
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 17:06:13 GMT
Arron Bates wrote:
>>The object I've put in the request is a List, therefore I'm iterating
>>over it, and not one of its properties. Should I wrap it in a Bean?
> Yup. In theory only you could use "this/" as the property for the list,
> but BeanUtils will throw a fit when the property "[5].sublist[2]" is
> evaluated. At the very least it needs the leading property to work off
> of.

Still more problems.

I wrapped the List in a Bean that has a 'public List getHolding()'. My 
JSP is as follows:

<nested:root name="currentSchedule">
	<nested:iterate property="holding">
		<nested:write property="date"/>
			<nested:iterate property="informationsessionsiterator">
				<nested:write property=""/><br>

I fixed Set issue by wrapping getInformationSessions() in 

Now I get the following error:

'No getter method for property holding[0].informationsessionsiterator of 
bean currentSchedule'

Does my Bean need a getHolding(int index)? The Objects in the list have a:

	public Iterator getInformationSessionsIterator() {
		return informationSessions.iterator();

So I'm not sure what the errors is about.


Adam Sherman
Software Developer
Teach and Travel Inc.

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