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From "James Higginbotham" <>
Subject RE: Whats the best way to use Struts?
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 15:43:20 GMT
Don't gauge a library by the number of jars required for import,
determine if it solves your immediate and future needs. Struts uses a
lot of jakarta commons jars, which were originally packaged in Struts
and other apps but were refactored for use by others in a non-Struts

If you have evaluated Struts and it offers the solution you need for
your project, go for it. Even if its 50% there, then that's 50% less
code you have to maintain - and its open source, so you can work with
the code to make it what you want or extend it easily. Having created my
own framework before Struts was as popular and mature (I did it in early
'99 I think), I can tell you that I'd rather have Craig and the rest of
the Struts team managing this framework than my own team - they are
smarter and have more time for this. Let your resources solve business
problems and let others who are willing handle the plumbing. 

BTW, search the archives at and you will see many
postings like yours with some good discussions around them. 

I keep seeing more and more people (myself included) write more and more
code to solve fewer and fewer problems. I guess everyone gets in mind
where they want something to be and say "I can't find it exactly how I
want it, so I'll write it." Thus, we have 30+ web frameworks, 10+ EJB
code gen wizards, etc. etc. I'm all for competition, and that makes
better products, but let's get to solving real business problems by
finding something that works and adapting it as needed. Reading The
Cathedral and the Bazaar is the most enlighting read you may have in the
software dev. sense, as it will show you how something written for a
totally different need was used, modified, and then eventually rewritten
to solve a problem. He didn't set out to write it from scratch, he
scratched his itch with the best solution, then crafted into a complete
solution as needed.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: ChangQing Zhou [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 10:30 AM
> To: struts
> Subject: Whats the best way to use Struts?
> We have an existing framwork in house handling everything 
> from web to servlet to server. We are now trying to use J2EE 
> standard to build a new application fits in the current 
> framework. The application is very simple - less than 10 
> pages for patients to submit and review some medical information. 
> I have developed a servlet controller based on J2EE 
> recommended patterns, such as Command Pattern and Front 
> Pattern. The controller is very very simple and it works 
> fine. The behavior of the app is almost the same as Struts. I 
> feel It is very simple and east to support in production if 
> anything goes wrong.
> I have been working on Struts for almost a year. Should I use 
> Struts framework(more than 10 jar files) for my application, 
> instead of my simple controller? My concerns are that 1)Need 
> time to learn whats in Struts and we have deadlines; 2)Our 
> application is very simple and we are not going to use most 
> of the features of Struts; 3)The thing I have is following 
> J2EE standards and patterns, Do I really need to use the 
> whole thing of Struts? 4)If anything goes wrong, it would be 
> harder to solve the problem.
> Can anybosy tell me your experience? Are you using the Struts 
> framework(more than 10 jars) or are you having your own 
> framework but following the recommendation and practices of 
> Struts, and J2EE?
> Thanks,
> ChangQing

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