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From "James Higginbotham" <>
Subject RE: Persistence Framework Comparison?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 20:11:53 GMT
> >(I wish Struts had a non implemented persistance interface)
> Really?  I think Struts is quite good at what it does, and to me, 
> persistence seems to outside the scope of a web application MVC 
> framework.

Agreed. Struts does what it does best - web MVC framework. What the
original author of the comments (sorry, lost in my mailbox right now) is
looking for is what I would recommend happen on top of Struts. Something
that takes Struts, a proven OSS O/R framework, and some glue to make
DB-driven Struts applications faster to develop. 

Anything like that out there? Anyone working on this or have one in the
planning stages? I've been wanting to craft one myself, but haven't had
the time. But if one existed, I'd problem knock out a couple of pet
projects faster. 


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