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From "James Higginbotham" <>
Subject RE: Persistence Framework Comparison?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 20:52:42 GMT
> But, I'm curious why you think there would be any glue code 
> needed?  Isn't it just a matter of using the persistence 
> framework directly from your DAOs (or from your Actions if 
> you don't use DAOs)?  At most, I could only conceive of 
> perhaps providing a Struts PlugIn to initialize such a 
> framework, but maybe I'm missing something.

I'm visualizing the glue being something such as smarter actions that
know how to do CRUD actions against the chosen framework given an O/R
enabled model. Various actions that can deal a simple form,
Master/Detail, multiple step wizards, and other forms of data entry to
push data to the O/R layer. Yes, there have been many posts and
solutions offered for doing each, but offering a framework with examples
that get all the redundant work out of the way would be helpful. It
wouldn't be a big project, but a worthy endeavour none-the-less. 

In fact, depending on how fancy and brown bag you want things, you could
also offer, in addition to the smarter actions, some XML-driven
configuration files that define the action names, corresponding classes
to manage, the actions to take (read, create, update, delete, all), the
master/detail or form-to-page mappings, and viola, you are deploying
dynamically generated Struts actions and configuration entries to do
everything for you. Thus, you begin to get closer to using something
like Turbine to tie it all together by having it create your tables (if
you are doing something new), building your data entry screens using
this XML (or some other) configuration file, and all the magic happens
within this mythical framework.

Of course, mileage varies, as everyone's requirements are different, but
many times I've just had a 1-to-1 mapping from DB to UI where I used to
use NetDynamics or something RAD to gen the screens. 


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