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From "James Higginbotham" <>
Subject RE: [OT] RE: Persistence Framework Comparison?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 22:10:23 GMT

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> From: David Graham [] 
> Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 4:29 PM
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> Subject: [OT] RE: Persistence Framework Comparison?
> I think you missed the point.  Yes, JDO lets you program to 
> an interface 
> with multiple vendors competing on implementations.  But what 
> if you don't 
> want to use JDO?

Hmm... Ok, understood - I guess it depends on how far your project
requires you to abstract from an O/R layer. I know things happen, but
man.. If you are using JDO and want to abstract from an abstraction,
where does it end? Anywho, I'm sure there are business or technical
requirements for this, or its primarily for risk mitigation. I'm not on
your project, so I have no say here ;) 

> This is a layer above all persistence frameworks (JDBC, JDO, 
> EJB, OJB, etc.) 
> that your application programs to.  If you decide to change 
> persistence 
> frameworks, most of your code remains unchanged because it 
> doesn't know 
> which one you're using.

Most of your code shouldn't care, only your DAOs, so the impact should
only be on the data access layer you provide for your models. That
shouldn't be a bad issue, since swapping out persistence frameworks
usually isn't hard but there are nuiances to every one.

> I, and others, have rolled our own but I think it would be useful for 
> Jakarta Commons to provide this framework (similar to their 
> logging api).

Maybe you should consider pitching it to Apache Commons or open it up on
Sourceforge and see if Apache or someone larger can manage it long term?

Anyway, hope the abstraction works out for you on this. 

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