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From "Joe Barefoot" <>
Subject RE: [OT][FRIDAY] brain types
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 20:13:22 GMT
> > Seriously:  This type of categorization serves no purpose 
> > whatsoever except to erect divisions amongst humanity.  Do 
> On the contrary, the goal is better communication between 
> people with different temperaments.

Try talking to these people.  That might help improve communication. ;)

> This is not labeling like has been done with kids and things 
> like reading level. 

It most certainly IS labeling, although I agree it's ostensible intent is not to establish
levels or good/bad types.

>There is no good or bad temperament, just 
> differences that affect behavior and communication.

True, but these differences cannot be quantified or categorized accurately in the manner that
these tests imply.  Taking them for fun and comparison with friends is OK, but I see little
value beyond that.

> > not be fooled.  Also, if you want to understand yourself 
> > better, take a trip to the mountains and contemplate your 
> > life with respect to the cosmos--identifying with some group 
> > or category tells you ZERO about who you really are as a 
> > unique individual.
> > 
> I'd challenge you to read "Please Understand Me" and see if 
> you might find *some* insight.

Again:  These tests are *not* anything new, and as I mentioned before, I've already taken
these "brain-type" tests more than once (using the same system as on that site) and studied
their findings.  b.t.w., most of these tests use another letter to indicate that the person
fell exactly in the middle between the two types:  'Z', for instance.  My results both previous
times were 'ZTZZ', which tells me, amazingly, that I'm a thinker, but little else.

Anywho, the whole thing is harmless enough so long as it's used soley by the person actually
taking the test, or for comparison with friends or something.  I just have nightmarish Orwellian
visions of people being assigned job categorises based on their brain types. :(


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