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Subject RE: Can V in MVC be Swing in Struts?
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 16:18:12 GMT

I'm telling you, we could build a bridge between Axis and Struts and
accomplish this:

 - Axis provides a SOAP-based interface to client applications.

 - Axis itself runs as a webapp accepting HTTP requests

 - We could define an XML-format that clients could send to the Web Service
   would provide the information required to invoke a Struts request

I honestly don't have time to contribute this on my own, but I've put
thought to it. If anyone is intersted in working on this with me helping,
let me know.

But to answer the questions -

> We have a similar situation where Server side Struts components (Actions
> JavaBean business components) will be accessed by a client Swing Java
> application (not a browser).
> We are also looking at various alternatives like SOAP, XML-RPC or simple
> HTTP POST requests (with XML data or Serialized objects).
> I have 2 questions:
> (1) Does STRUTS support sending serialized VO objects (as against HTML or
> XML text strings) back and forth between client app and server. What
> to be changed in STRUTS components to suport this?

I'd have to climb a bit inside the coude to see if Struts specifically
*requires* any particular HTML to be sent. Not sure why it would. You
should be able to create an ActionForward to a JSP that was literally just
a scriptlet from beginning to end and that that did an 'out.print()' of the
serialized form of the object you wanted.

> (2) Does SOAP (Web services) support client sessions ? i.e. will I be
> to maintain individual client's session state (which might be full
> object JavaBeans) or Web services are suited for state-less method
> Any pointers will be appriciated ??

I don't belive that SOAP in an of itself specifies sessions - though I may
be wrong. Both Apache Soap and Axis provide session management using
cookies if you use HTTP as the transport (as most everyone does).

> thanks

Anytime -


Kevin Bedell
Author, Struts Kick Start

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