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Subject Re: EL and the developer's roadmap
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 15:50:47 GMT

Not trying to be intrusive on the process - and you may have already seen
this, but here is I think one of the best examples of an opensource
developer roadmap. It shows branching and release plans as well as
providing links to background information.

Vincent Stoessel <> on 10/03/2002 11:30:35 AM

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To:    Struts Users <>
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Subject:    EL and the developer's roadmap

I'll bite. What does  EL stand for?
 From what I'm hearing, there seems to be a current trend
of moving away from Struts taglibs if there
is a JSTL tag that has the same functionality. I admit that
makes me a bit nervous as a newbie. I'm still learning the struts
tags! The Goodwill book has an excellent appendix with _examples_
of individual tag usage. Now I guess I will have to get a book on JSTL
book as well. Is there a Struts roadmap available anywhere?
Sometimes I feel I am always running to to catch up in Struts. Mastered
ActionForms? oops gotta learn DynaActionForms! Learned how to validate
in the action class? , ha! better learn Dyna*Valid* stuff. Mastered
struts-logic? no! learn JSTL!

I know I don't have to use all new features but I would like have
a little warning about what may be coming down the road. That is where
a roadmap would come in very handy. I could know which technologies to
watch and which to ignore in the short term.
Thanks for listening.

Vincent Stoessel
Linux Systems Developer

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