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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Persistence Framework Comparison?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 19:50:52 GMT
At 2:31 PM -0400 2002/10/04, V. Cekvenich wrote:
>(I wish Struts had a non implemented persistance interface)

Really?  I think Struts is quite good at what it does, and to me, 
persistence seems to outside the scope of a web application MVC 

Why do you wish that Struts had this?  Because the Struts team 
develops really good code?  Or because you really wish that a 
persistence interface had tight integration with Struts?

I think part of how the team produces good code is by maintaining focus.

While we're on the topic of persistence, I'm pretty happy with OJB 
after just rolling out one project with it.  I wrote a light 
interface over it to insulate my code from the fact that I was using 
OJB, but the interface is so much like the PersistenceBroker 
interface in OJB that I'm thinking about skipping it for my next 
implementation.  OJB looks like it's well enough designed that you 
could completely replace the implementation with anything else you 
wanted just by writing an adapter that implemented PersistenceBroker, 
making my lightweight wrapper around it kind of a waste of time.

I have reservations about Castor JDO -- compare source code from that 
to source code from Struts and you'll see why!  I don't have much 
experience with other persistence toolkits...


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"It's pitiful, sometimes, if they've got it bad. Their eyes get 
glazed, they go white, their hands tremble.... As I watch them I 
often feel that a dope peddler is a gentleman compared with the man 
who sells records."
	--Sam Goody, 1956

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