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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject RE: Managing User defined Web Content design advice?
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:11:48 GMT
>I was thinking to deserialize the java bean on login and I will have to in
>order to build the sub menu. I felt I shouldn't keep the bean around as it
>may be large containing several pages of content and too heavy for the
>session. So I would have to retrieve the bean on each content request, might
>not be that slow... have to test?

If you do use Java serialization, use XMLEncoder -- there are a lot 
of headaches involved in serializing to the binary format if your 
classes' APIs change -- or rather, in deserializing, since without 
your efforts, beans serialized with one version of a class will not 
deserialize with a revised version of that class.

If XMLEncoder doesn't work for you, there are a few automated XML 
binding tools, like jakarta-commons-betwixt, Castor, and Enhydra 
Zeus.  All should dodge that problem with deserializing beans as long 
as you only extend your API and don't remove anything.

How dynamic is your content?  If it's just a matter of hiding and 
showing various values, then you could just use logic tags to control 
that based on data in your user profile bean.  That would minimize 
some of the management issues.

If users basically get to create bookmarks (arbitrary links and link 
titles) in your app, I guess you don't have much choice than to 
create one or more files.  You'd have to weigh the benefits of 
reading in the file each time and storing it in request scope vs. 
reading it in once and storing it in your session.  I'd avoid 
bloating the session myself.  I don't know how fast all that file 
access would be, but it's probably not much slower than the common 
alternative of making a network call to a database.

Is the flat file requirement for readability/manual editing?  Or just 
to save money on a database?  If it's the latter, you might be able 
to use RandomAccessFile to manage all this user data.  You'd probably 
want to be careful about opening a file handle and sticking that in 
the session, though, just because you'd never really know when to 
clean it up...

You may also want to consider portal-oriented software systems which 
may provide a better framework for the degree of user customization 
you need.  There's Jakarta Jetspeed, 
<> which is pretty well developed, 
but based on Turbine instead of Struts, and Vic C. has been leading a 
Struts portal project on sourceforge. 
< > Just to keep your options 


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>From: David Graham []
>Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 11:00 AM
>Subject: Re: Managing User defined Web Content design advice?
>The java bean idea sounds good.  The problem you might have with using
>message resources is that you can't reload it when the users change their
>settings.  Also, I wouldn't want that kind of churn on the file.  You could
>deserialize the java bean when the user logs in and then use that in the
>menu display jsp to generate the links.
>>From: "Greg Hess" <>
>>Reply-To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
>>To: "Struts Mail List" <>
>>Subject: Managing User defined Web Content design advice?
>>Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:54:00 -0400
>>Hi All,
>>I am developing a hosted ecommerce app. One of the requirements is that the
>>client's have the ability to customize sub menu navigation providing the
>>link name and link content.
>>I am considering several possibilities of persistency and tags that might
>>help me do this. I would like to take advantage of Struts features if it
>>would benefit the app i.e.: MessageResources to hold the custom content.
>>of my main concerns is speed and not overloading the session with loads of
>>content. I know I have to store the content somewhere and the requirements
>>state that I use a flat file or multiple flat files. Some of my ideas are
>  >below and I would greatly appreciate any advice that you all might have.
>>1) Serialize some java bean containing all the custom content and store in
>>file(maybe using XMLEncoder and Decoder, I like it :-) ) or properties
>>file(why not use        MessageResources?) and have an Action load the
>>requested content and place the content String in the request and for ward
>>to a reusable contentDisplay.jsp.
>>2) Create new files for each body of content and simply <jsp:include> or
>><bean:include> the page into the template. The problem here is that as the
>>number of links and content is user defined and I only know how to use the
>>include tags with static resources. Sure I could include an action but how
>>would I dynamically add parameters to inform the include resource as to
>>witch content to retrieve? I see that page param of bean:include is labeled
>>(RT EXPR) does this mean that I can use an expression the provide that
>>attribute, I have never been able to do this??? If I could do it in this
>>manner I think it would be cleaner but obviously not sure how.
>>Well those are my ideas, if anyone has done this before or could provide
>>some advise on how this should be done it would be greatly appreciated.
>>Many thanks,
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