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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Inner classes
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:35:33 GMT
At 2:07 PM -0400 2002/10/23, Seth Milder wrote:
>I am designing a webapp using Struts and I would like to include 
>with every ActionForm class an inner servlet class that queries a DB 
>to get config info for the outer class. I would then use this 
>information in the validate() routine to determine which fields 
>should be validated and which should not be (it will basically be a 
>list of required fields for a given webapp). The trouble is that 
>when I try to call the servlet I get a stack trace (see below). Is 
>there a better way of doing this with Struts? Is a servlet in an 
>inner class impossible?

whoa -- that's twisted!  I don't know if the Servlet spec supports 
inner classes as servlets, but the design intentions of Struts are 
for the ActionForm classes to be relatively stupid objects used to 
push data around.

Why not just have your Action class do the database stuff?  There's 
no strict reason why you need to validate action forms with the 
validate() method; it's just a convenience.

If you want your actions to be able to deal with multiple forms for 
some reason, you could write a Struts PlugIn that puts itself into 
the ServletContext at initialization time, and then is available to 
all of your actions to validate the ActionForms.

Is there a strong reason to have the validation rules in a database 
instead of in an XML file?  Have you checked out the Validator system?

There's got to be a less tangled way to achieve your ends...


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