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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Releases in Open Source (was RE: Release date for struts1.1)
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:48:04 GMT
At 8:52 AM -0700 2002/10/15, Sharon Tam wrote:
>Yes, I will be forced to revert to strut1.0 if the struts1.1 
>released version is not available!!!!

That's really not a good idea.  Whoever would pronounce such a rule 
is very ignorant of the life cycle of open source projects.  There 
are certainly bugs in the version of Struts tagged as the 1.0 
release, and some of them may be significant (I'm postulating, I 
haven't looked.)  Furthermore, there are substantial changes in the 
Struts model available only with the Struts 1.1 branch.  In fact, one 
could probably call the nightly builds something like Struts 1.5, 
especially now that discussions seem to indicate that there won't be 
a lot more features added to any 1.x Struts.

The structural changes to Struts 1.1 are very valuable 
(sub-applications or modules, much more functionality in the tag 
libraries, declarative Exception handling, ...  everyone's got their 
favorites.)  It would be a mistake to invest a lot of energy now 
starting a project at Struts 1.0.  The 1.1 code base is very stable, 
and we run several production applications on it at my place of 

The most productive way to think of open source software is as an 
extension of your locally developed code base, rather than as a 
product that you might purchase.  No doubt code you and your team 
develop goes through incremental fixes and improvements -- so do all 
open source projects.  If you happen to identify bugs in open source 
code, you are completely at liberty to fix them, and even contribute 
your fixes back to the community.

Plus, compared to many open source projects, Struts has the benefit 
of a top-notch team of lead committers who are dedicated to high 
quality and good design.  Most independent web application shops 
would be lucky to have one or two people writing code locally that's 
as good as the core of Struts.

Just go ahead and use it.  Releases don't mean the same thing in open 
source as they do in commercial software.


* Joe Germuska    { }
"It's pitiful, sometimes, if they've got it bad. Their eyes get 
glazed, they go white, their hands tremble.... As I watch them I 
often feel that a dope peddler is a gentleman compared with the man 
who sells records."
	--Sam Goody, 1956

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