Attached is a JSP, form and action class which does a similar thing (I think) to what you need. Dan -----Original Message----- From: Vincent Stoessel [] Sent: 08 October 2002 16:38 To: Struts Users Subject: dynamic variables into my struts tag? How? Hello All, I am building a results page in my struts app that is iterating through an ArrayList. Everthing is working wonderfully. For each fow I am making a radio button. I need that radio button to hold a unique value that I can get from the ArrayList but what is the best way to insert that dynamically into the tag? I want to produce something like: ... ... ... ... ... I guess I could abandon tag and just println(); but that does not seem half as cool. Thanks in advance. -- Vincent Stoessel Linux Systems Developer vincent -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: