If you mean that you are using or , and this is the button you are clicking, then there is no request being made to the server. The reset button is client-side; the browser just resets the form to whatever the values were at the time the form was last submitted. That's why they "magically" return. :) The reset() method in your ActionForm is *only* called when you do a submit to an action URL that uses this ActionForm. The reset *button* in html forms doesn't do a submit. So, if you want your reset() method to be invoked, you need another mini-form, which only contains a submit button (you can label it reset, clear, or whatever) and maybe a hidden value or something to instruct your action to not do anything (i.e., action=reset). In your action, just check for this value in the form or request, and do nothing. The reset method in your form will already have been called. Note: Do NOT use another submit button in the same html form as the one containing your entry fields (use a separate form), as the values they contain will be submitted....and since Struts calls the reset() method *before* populating your form, the form will still get populated with the 'old' values, negating the effects of your reset logic. hope this helps, Joe > -----Original Message----- > From: Anthony Mutiso 2 [mailto:anm1@utilitynet.net] > Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 4:34 PM > To: 'struts-user@jakarta.apache.org' > Subject: *reset* why is it not being called > > > I have a form that on succesful submission loops back to the > same page but > more data is displayed at the bottom of the page. > > My problem is that the reset button in the form only clears > the form to the > data that was in the form after the last submit. So every > time I submit, if > I press reset nothing appears to work. If clear the form > manually and press > reset, my old values from my last submit magically return. > > How to I correct this problem. config looks something like: > > type="Test.SearchAction" > name="searchForm" > scope="request" > validate="true" > input="/search.jsp"> > > > > > > and I have a " " > in my global > forwards. > My form is "". > > and my reset function has clears my form, and has log > messages that I only > see when the application start. Any pushing of the reset > button does not > result in any new log entries. > > What gives? > > Thanks > > Anthony > > -- > To unsubscribe, e-mail: > > For additional commands, e-mail: > > > -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: