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From "Mark Conlin" <>
Subject RE: Pre-populating Form Bean
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 18:38:26 GMT

Okay so I have done the following...
I placed name="customerDetailsForm" into my action declaration..
It wanted an input field as well so I added that too.

Now my form comes up and it is still not populated...

My action execute code is below... are you sure I don't need to place
the custForm back into the session somehow ?


logger.debug("performAction starting");
ActionErrors errors 			= new ActionErrors();
ActionForward actionForward 	= mapping.findForward(FAILURE);
CustomerDetailsForm custForm 	= (CustomerDetailsForm) form;
HttpSession session = (HttpSession) request.getSession();
custForm = this.setup( session );
actionForward = mapping.findForward(SUCCESS);	
logger.debug("performAction exiting");

Action Declaration:

<action path="/customer.customerAccountDetails.edit"
<forward name="success"
<forward name="failure" path="customer.edit_accountdetails"/>

-----Original Message-----
From: Eddie Bush [] 
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 2:13 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Pre-populating Form Bean

If this is a form which you've declared in your config file, and it's 
associated with this action and you're forwarding to a JSP, you really 
needn't bother sticking it into any scope.  Struts will do this for you.

 Just populate the form and return an ActionForward and let Struts do 
it's thing.

... so far as your error is concerned, I can't imagine why you're 
receiving it.  You did specify a 'name="formName"' as an attribute to 
this action, right?  That's how you make the association between the 
action and the form.  I believe this value would probably be null if you

didn't specify that attribute - and I can see where that would generate 
an error.

Ah - yes.  I see your action declaration now.  Add in 
'name="customerDetailsForm"' to your <action line.  That will build the 
association for you.  Once you've done this, you no longer have to worry

about creating the form ... or anything like that - and it's the *only* 
way you're going to get Struts to populate the form for you 
automatically (why would it populate something if it doesn't know there 
is something to populate?).

Good luck!

Mark Conlin wrote:

>I would like to pre-populate a form bean for an edit screen.
>I have spent the last hour or two reading the archives and still I have
>failed to find the help I need.
>Any feedback would be appreciated.
>I have an Action class CustomerAccountDetailsPreEditAction that
>pre-populates my form.
>However, I do not know how to place the form back into the session or
>request so that the jsp page can find it and use it to display values.
>request.setAttribute(mapping.getName(), myForm);
>session.setAttribute(mapping.getName(), myForm); 
>Both result in an error.
>Here is the action declaration:
>            <action path="/customer.customerAccountDetails.pre.edit"
>                        <forward name="success"
>            </action>
>Here is the form declaration:
><form-bean name="customerDetailsForm"
>Thanks for your help,

Eddie Bush

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