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From "dlee" <>
Subject Multibox
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 13:56:50 GMT
I'm using struts 1.0.2.
I would like to present an input form on a jsp and part of that would be to
display a number of checkboxes.

Ted Husted writes:

To provide different sets of labels and values, the standard LabelValueBean
class [org.apache.struts.util.LabelValueBean] (since 1.1) can be used with
the multibox control.

  <logic:iterate id="item" property="items">
    <html:multibox property="selectedItems">
      <bean:write name="item" property="value"/>
      <bean:write name="item" property="label"/>

  Question: what is "items" ? An arraylist containing LabelValueBean's ?



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