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From "David Roussel" <>
Subject Model 2X and client side XML
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 14:27:36 GMT

I'm starting a new project, and we're pretty much sold on Struts as it
seems to do everything the right way in terms of MVC.  I've written my
own Servler/JSP MVC framework 2 years ago, but now it's time to go with
the apache flow.

The project is intranet based, so we are able to make it IE6 only.  This
means we can use client side XML+XSL to off load processing to the

StrutsCX seems to offer us a fair amount, but is it still useful when
doing client side XSLT.  I am I better off just making my own XML Servlet
using my own choice of XML libs, not JDOM which seems to have a little
bad press?

Also the StrutsCX docs suggest a two stage XSL process: 1) data to
layout, 2) layout to look and feel.  This seems like a good suggestion,
but should I put both transforms on the client, or split them across

Has anyone tried stxx?  What does it give me over StrutsCX?

I might have some more questions later, but this will do for now.


David Roussel

  David Roussel

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