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From "Brian DeLuca" <>
Subject RE: no getter method exception ?
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 19:19:52 GMT
 That is the JavaBean specification, but depending on what you are doing you can always create
a method named 


setIntRounds( int i )  

etc.. get the idea don't name the extra getters/setters the same name of the member.  

Then in bean write you can always call
  and it works nicely. I did something with this for amounts/currencys/ and formatting, all
in one class without having to use utilities. Makes it very convient when its all in one object.


 --- On Fri 12/13, Karr, David  wrote:From: Karr, David [mailto:]To:
struts-user@jakarta.apache.orgDate: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 10:25:37 -0800Subject: RE: no getter
method exception ?Sorry.  Read the JavaBeans specification.  A JavaBeans property has onlyone
type.  It's unfortunate that it's not easy to diagnose mistakes infollowing the JavaBeans
specification.  You often get unintelligibleerrors like you got.> -----Original Message----->
From: Sash Sash []> > I have a form bean that has getter methods
that return a > string and setter methods that take a string.  That all works > great.
 I decided to add some setter methods (used in my > action class) that accept an int as
a parameter.  As soon as > I overloaded the original setter methods, i get the following
> exception: > > "No getter method for property rounds of bean > org.apache.struts.taglib.html.BEAN">
> So before the change, there were two methods for this field in my form> >   public
void setRounds(String rounds) {...}> >   public String getRounds() {...}> > Then
I added:> >    public void setRounds(int rounds) {...}> > and got the exception
listed above.> >  > > Why can't I do this?  The reason I really want this is to
be > able to use PropertyUtils.copyProperties() to copy from my > business beans to
my display beans.  Any suggestions?  Thanks > in advance!!!> >  > > > >
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