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From Heligon Sandra <>
Subject Struts directory-structure
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:27:57 GMT

	I will wish to have opinions on the organization of the
directory-structure (source, Web pages) 
	for a Struts-Web application. 
	There already were much discussion around the advantages and
disadvantages of placing pages JSP below the 	repertory Web-inf. 
	I chose to place them apart from this repertory but to reach it only
via actions (development rule).
	 I use Tiles components. 
	For the moment my project directory structure is the following:
		- images
		- pages
			- sub-application2
			- security (login/logout pages)
		- tiles
			- common (header.jsp, footer.jsp)
			- layouts (classicLayout.jsp, menuBarLayout.jsp,
		- src
			- sub-application1
				- actions
			- sub-application2
				- actions
			- common
				- constants
				- resources 
				- model (business object model common
				- struts
					- actions (BaseAction class)
					- view
		- web-inf
			struts-config.xml, tiles.xml, web.xml, etc...
			- classes (empty in the  archive base)
			- tld
			- dtd
	I will wish to know so much of people one selected this type of
organization.I am not certain that this structure is 	really very
evolutionary and adapts easily to new developments 
	I will like to know how make the people who work under CVS. Do they
place all the repertory WebProject 	under the repertory 	webapps of
Tomcat? With Visual Source Safe it is possible to indicate different
working folders for sub-directories but not with CVS. 
	Thanks in advance

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