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From "V. Cekvenich">
Subject Re: [Way-OT] Struts and Swing
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:01:02 GMT
Another Approach is SOAP:
Write a Standard Struts MVC Web application and deploy release 1, web only.
Then add Axis to the mix.
On a SOAP request create the already tested bean (getters and setters).
Best your actions have helpers. Create proxies in SOAP for beans and 
helpers. (model is easier to reuse. Also for this and many other reasons 
  best avoid Dynabeans. Other reasons is Model 1:JSP use Bean; unit 
testing, multi developer CVS hot sport and   .... much harder to unit test)
Now you can call same via SWING (Or Visual Basic (VB is somtimes easier 
to deploy than SWING) or Excel .... etc.).
Call the stubs as needed for the heavy client.

Altenratlively, you can just JAR up your model/bean layer, and use the 
JAR in you Swing app, if you do not have a fire wall to DB.


Eddie Bush wrote:
> java botique has an article about this.  Someone posted it in a message 
> to this list just days ago.  I just about bet if you do a google search 
> for "Struts SWING" you'll find it.
> hammett wrote:
>> Hi   (I could not search the archives, the message "text not available 
>> for
>> search" appeared)
>> We're developing a system that have a swing and a web interface. The 
>> swing
>> interface should be used for offline use of the system. We would love to
>> write once and only once a lot of thing, including the front ends. Of
>> course, we know the big differences of one and other, but struts have a
>> declarative way to conduct navigation that we like aggregate to our 
>> offline
>> system. First, have anyone tried it before? Do you think that it is 
>> the best
>> bet?
>> Regards
>> hammett

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