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From Jose Gonzalez Gomez <>
Subject Multiple message resources
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 14:15:50 GMT

    Hi all,

    From the struts-config DTD it seems you can include several message 
resources in a module. Anyway, it seems Struts always try to get 
messages from only one bundle, the one stored under 
Globals.MESSAGE_KEY/module, unless you specify another key, for example, 
in the bundle paramenter of the bean:message tag.

    I'm developing an application splitted in several modules for ease 
of maintenance, and have found that I need some common messages for the 
entire aplpication (the default error messages for the validator 
plugin). I thought that including in each module the bundle for the 
module and the bundle with the common messages would do the work, but it 

    The question is... do I have to include this common messages in 
every bundle of every module? I'm using the html:javascript tag, and 
this tag doesn't let you specify the bundle... Would it be difficult for 
Struts to search in every declared message resources in struts-config 
when searching for a message? I understand this is not the current 
behaviour; currently Struts only searches in one of the bundles 
specified, am I wrong?


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