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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: How to display the database query result?
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 03:35:35 GMT
most property names start with a lower-case letter - at least, that's 
convention.  Have you tried using "requirement" instead of "Requirement"?

frank wrote:

>Hi, all
>I'm a new in struts. And I am writing a struts test. 
>I made two actionforms, one is for the queryform, and another is
>showform. The business logic is written in the testAction, it query the
>database and put the data into the showform, , then put the showform
>into the session, the next will forward the show.jsp. I use the
><bean:write name="showform" property="Requirement" >, but it tells me
>"No getter method for property Requirement of bean showForm".
>Can someone tell me how to show the query result in the show.jsp with
>the struts taglib. 
>Any help will be welcome.
>Best regard!

Eddie Bush

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