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From Vincent Stoessel <>
Subject Re: [OT] HTTP "fetchmail" program?
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2002 21:19:49 GMT
I think the best bet would be for you to set an http proxy for her.
I recommend squid as the most reliable and easyest to install.
The trickiest part will be the access list that you have to set up
so read the docs. If you have trouble the squid access logs are your

Eddie Bush wrote:
> You can check it on using a mail client that can do HTTP connections 
> (OutlookExpress and ... surely there's another one).  That's why I 
> figured that ... well I was hoping beyond hope that someone knew of a 
> fetchmail-like program that would do HTTP accounts.  I suppose I could 
> write something in JavaMail to do it, but I have other things that (much 
> as I love my wife) need to come first.
> David Graham wrote:
>> If Hotmail provides POP3 support it would be news to me.  I haven't 
>> found any info on that.  I would love to stop going to the irritating 
>> Hotmail site and use an email client instead.  I think that's exactly 
>> why they don't provide POP3 ;-).
>> Dave 

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