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Subject RE: tomcat can't find action class
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 00:08:58 GMT

Could it be the case of your logoffs?

Try making the case of the forward name the same as the path name.

<html:link forward="logoff">

It seems like it is looking for "Logoff:"
 Processing a 'GET' for path '/Logoff'

But your snippet shows "logoff"

What does the generated HTML show?

-----Original Message-----
From: Nathan Pitts []
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2002 3:45 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: tomcat can't find action class

Hi all,

OK I've got Struts In Action and I'm ready for action!  Unfortunately, my web 
app isn't.  For some reason, my action class cannot be found...?  I will give 
the details below. I would really appreciate any advice you guys may have. 

Here's the deal:

All I am trying to do is get Tomcat and Struts to play nice.  I am using 
container managed security with a jdbcRealm (no problem logging on).  I want 
to create a simple "Logoff" action from within struts.  I am using the 
1.1b_blank_application provided by struts and modifying it, but keep getting 
this error (from catalina.out):

INFO: Processing a 'GET' for path '/Logoff'
Dec 16, 2002 5:20:10 PM org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor 
SEVERE: No action instance for path /Logoff could be created
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: tahc.hris.action.LogoffAction

struts-config.xml clip:
<action path="/Logoff"
            path="/pages/Welcome.jsp" />

I have an action forward that looks like this:
<forward name="logoff"  path="/" />    

My LogoffAction class compiles fine.  Here's how I refer to the LogoffAction 
from a jsp page:
<html:link forward="logoff">Sign out</html:link>

Please send advice! Thanks in advance,
--Nathan Pitts

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