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From Mark <>
Subject Dynamically generated forms
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 17:32:32 GMT
Appologies if this message appears multiple times...


I'm building a form based on values stored in a db..

So i run some sql and read this into a struture (fanbabbydozy)...

I make sure the struture is available to my jsp and Action class (same

So i can iterate through the results, and do the things one does with data

But how can I (if at all) generate the struts form from this?

Hopefully I'm being a silly billy, but I can't see it? Looks like I have to
use standard java/jsp... The only theoretical way i see of doing this is if
there's an api for appending elements to a form from an Action class.

Someone told me yesterday that nested tags would change my life. After
reading the docs, I still can't see how these would help me.

Thanks in advance


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