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From Bill Tomlinson <>
Subject RE: Application Modules and Path Prefix Mapping: eventually/alrea dy s upported?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 19:09:08 GMT
> From: Gemes Tibor []
> 2002. december 10. 16:29 dátummal Bill Tomlinson ezt írtad:
> > In all the things I've read about the new application 
> modules feature in
> > 1.1, there is always a caveat like "this only works with 
> extention mapping
> > (*.do) not path prefix mapping (/do/*)".
> I reckon you wouldn't be able to make difference wheter it is 
> a prefix mapping 
> or a module reference in case of using modules.

Yes, Tib, I do appreciate the technical reasons for intially supporting only
extension mapping (difficulty in differentiating between prefix map and
module name). However, these technical reasons can be overcome. What I was
trying to get was an indication whether someone was planning to tackle this
problem before the 1.1 final release.

I'm looking for this information so that I can plan the 1.1 upgrade of my
application. (if someone is adding module path prefix support then I can use
modules, if not then I have three choices: 1. no modules 2. convert
application to extension mapping or 3. try to fix the problem myself)

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