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From Brian McPheeters <>
Subject Struts Forwards
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 19:31:04 GMT
I have developed an application using tomcat and I am not trying to make it
work with websphere. I have defined a couple of forwards in my
struts-config.xml file that do not seem to work with websphere.

When I go to http://server/context and click on a button that executes my
forward websphere tells me that it cannot find the jsp page I am trying to
forward to and tells me that this is the path that it is looking for <app
path>/context/initial/signin.jsp. The correct path is <app
path>/initial/signin.jsp. For some reason websphere is adding in the context
root to the path statement when looking for the resource to forward to. This
is happening on my other forwards as well. I am able to fix the problem by
removing the / at the begining of my path in the forward definition. But the
/ is required by tomcat. Here is my forward tag definition.

Works in Tomcat
<forward name="failure" path="/initial/signin.jsp" redirect="true" />

Works in Websphere
<forward name="failure" path="initial/signin.jsp" redirect="true" />

I don't want to have seperate code bases for different app servers. Does
anyone know why this is happening? 

Brian McPheeters

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