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From "Frost, Gary [IT]" <>
Subject Help validator requiredif
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 06:08:15 GMT

I've been struggling with this for a couple of hours now, tried lots of the
resources online and am struggling to understand those too, hoping someone
can give quickly put me on track.

I've got a form, in that form there is a selector called settleType, the
settleType has several valid values, Standard, Relative and Actual.  The
settleType is required, but the absoluteSettle (another field on that form,
a text box) is only required if settleType = 'Actual'.  I put something like
this in my validator.xml and it generates all the other test fine, but not
the requiredif check.   BTW I'd also like to perform a check on
absoluteSettle to ensure that (if it is required) it is a date, would
putting depends="requiredif, date" (with appropriate date related vars in
place) work?

			<field property="settleType" depends="required">
key="" />

			<field property="absoluteSettle"
depends="requiredif" indexedListProperty="dependents">

Thanks for any help


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