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From "edgar" <>
Subject RE: Problem: Struts+Modules+jsps under WEB-INF
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 13:23:51 GMT
If you make common invisible to the web, i.e.
http://<yourdomain>/common/<yourjsp>.jsp is invalid then I agree.
Otherwise you are risking shortcuts bypassing the action classes.  If
you have jsp's that are directly executable by all means put them in a
public space.


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From: Vincent PROSPER [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 8:06 AM
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'; 'Maciej Ko³odziej'
Subject: RE: Problem: Struts+Modules+jsps under WEB-INF

To my understanding:

1. Put something like <action forward="/mainScreen.jsp"... (if I were
you, I wouldn't put any jsp file under WEB-INF, only TLD, XML and
external JARs. common is automatically added as the subapp prefix by the
subapp controller handling your stuts-config-common.xml, and jsp has
nothing to do with your issue here since you put it in
"app/WEB-INF/common/mainScreen.jsp" which contains no 'jsp' directory).

2. you're right, your module name is used as a prefix (this is the way
subapps work, no way to change this to my knowledge)

3. when putting your directly in your struts-config.xml, you're
not in any subapp, so the corresponding struts action behaves as usual.

I guess you should have something like:


Hope this helps.


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From: Maciej Ko³odziej []
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 1:44 PM
To: struts-user
Subject: Problem: Struts+Modules+jsps under WEB-INF


I started developing an application with Jakarta Struts 1.1. I decided
to build it using multiple modules (sub-apps) and also hide all jsps
under WEB-INF. Thus my application structure looks like this: app/img/
app/css/ app/WEB-INF/ app/WEB-INF/classes/ app/WEB-INF/lib/
app/WEB-INF/jsp/ app/WEB-INF/common/ app/WEB-INF/common/mainScreen.jsp

Now I create an action in stuts-config-common.xml and define it like

<action forward="/WEB-INF/jsp/common/mainScreen.jsp" path="/test"
scope="request" unknown="false" validate="false"/>

When I want to fire this action I have to type for ex.:


But then I get a message:

type Status report

message /common/WEB-INF/jsp/common/mainScreen.jsp

description The requested resource
(/common/WEB-INF/jsp/common/mainScreen.jsp) is not available.

So the module name is used as context(?) and inserted also before
WEB-INF. Why? I don't need this. The module name should be put after
jsp, as it is, but not before WEB-INF! If I create another action and put in in default module (not
common) this doesn't happen. Supposedly because context then is / not
/common. How do I solve this?


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