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From "Edgar P. Dollin" <>
Subject RE: Why is token checking only available when control has passed to the Action class?
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 10:26:25 GMT
One solution is to make the increment of the array size a separate
request so that your Bean can be expanded, i.e. insert rows, add record.


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Subject: Why is token checking only available when control has passed to
the Action class?

Hi all,

I have a fairly involved problem surrounding token checking for request
reload management.

There are various methods available in the Action class such as
saveToken, resetToken and isTokenValid which are all very useful in
helping manage reload requests.

All these methods operate off a token stored in the session, which these
methods access directly from the request object.  There is no dependence
on the form object for these methods.

A problem arises when, during the normal processing of a request, the
form object is modified in such a way that array elements in the form
are removed. For example, an array of transactions in the initial
request has 10 elements in it, during action processing this array is
resized due to some business rule down to 5 transactions.  The array has
only 5 elements in it now. The next screen is displayed. If a reload
request is sent now, the number of transactions in the request is still
10 but the form object only has a transaction array with 5 elements in
it.  When the request processor attempts to populate the form object
with the request data an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs which is
understandable but very undesirable.

Should the token functions be moved into the org.apache.struts.util
.RequestUtil class so that they are available to the RequestProcessor?

We can then check for reloads prior to the form object being populated
in the processPreprocess method in the RequestProcessor.

Very interested in anyone's thoughts on this.

It looks like we will have to set something up ourselves to do this but
if Struts itself could change to accommodate this it would be very


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