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From "William" <>
Subject RE: Struts-config.xml
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2002 19:55:54 GMT
Thank you for the confirmation that the multi-modules is working in the 1.1 version.  I am
looking for some examples and documentation; would you point me to some.
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Subject: RE: Struts-config.xml

	On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Andrew Hill wrote: 

	> Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:04:33 +0800 
	> From: Andrew Hill <> 
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	> Subject: RE: Struts-config.xml 
	> 1.1 is officially still in beta (b2 with b3 any time soon) at the moment, 
	> but if thats not a 'political' problem it has far more functionality , and 
	> in my opinion is stabler (I could be wrong) than the ancient 1.0.2 
	> One of the new features is an ability to split your application into 
	> multiple 'modules' , each of which I believe has its own struts-config.xml 
	> Ive not used this feature yet myself, but you could check out the docs for 
	> it and see if it would be of use for you. 

	In addition to this feature, recent nightly builds also let you split up 
	the struts-config.xml for a single application module into separate files 
	if you want to.  Simply specify a comma-separated list of resource paths 
	for the "config" init parameter. 


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