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Subject RE: Design Issue in struts
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 11:10:16 GMT
I have implemented pretty much the same functionality in our application.
U can do this using Struts actions.When the user presses a button,call an 
action.In the action add an empty row to the form(add a empty object to the 
list on form).And then call the same jsp which will just iterate over the list 
as earlier.
//Pseudo code
Form MyForm{
List rowList = new ArrayList();
 	public Bean getBean(int index){
	if(rowList.size < index){
		rowList.add(new Bean());
	return rowList.get(index);
	}// getObject
	public void setBean(int index,Bean obj){
	//getter setter for list
	public List getRowList (){
	public void setRowList (List list){

//JSP //
<logic:iterate name="myForm" property="rowList" indexId="i">
	<td><html:text name="myForm" property="<%=\"bean[\" + i + 
	<td><html:text name="myForm" property="<%=\"bean[\" + i + 
So when the action is called, all the data on screen will be preserved as the 
screen data gets repopulated in the form automatically.Then u add a new object 
and the jsp cretes new table with a empty row.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Design Issue in struts

Can I use struts to perform the following task:

generate a JSP page, but have multiple entry lines on the page. Im not going
to know how many lines the user is going to enter, so i'd like them to have
some kind of way ( maybe a button ) that the user can click on, the page
refreshes (retaining data) and shows a new blank line at the bottom of the
page under the other lines. When im talking lines I mean eg. Name, Location,
DOB, last contact


Security Code: 0162

Entry Date:      03/12/2002

Name		Location		DOB		Last Contact
--------		-----------			------
Fred		Woking			07/12/1973	11/11/2002
Bert		Wolverhampton		04/11/1976	11/11/2002

{Submit} 	{Reset}

Then when the user presses SUBMIT the action is called and all data entered
into a database.

Has anyone got some real world example of this

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