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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: LookupDispatchAction onchange
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 14:54:13 GMT
Should be possible.
You may need to do something like appending a parameter to your forms action
url with a bit of javascript to simulate whats submitted by a button. Can't
remember the details for LookupDispatchAction since I havent used it, but
heres some js that will play with your forms action and append a parameter
named 'method' with value defined by useMethod.
Adapt as required. (nb: its modified from a similar script (which works with
DispatchAction rather than LookupDispatchAction) of mine for the purposes of
this reply and thus untested!)

function submitBlah(useMethod)
    document.forms[0].action =

function appendParameter(url, parameter, value)
  var delimeter = url.indexOf('?') == -1 ? '?' : '&';
  return url + delimeter + parameter + '=' + value;

Having said all that I should point out that you might be able achieve a
similar effect using an appropriate hidden field too. Much simpler (though
doesnt work too well with multipart forms submitting to a DispatchAction).
If you try that be careful you dont submit 2 values for your property when a
button is clicked.

btw: Just looking at the javadocs for LDA. I see they use 'action' as the
name of their example parameter. Bad idea naming anything on a form
'action'. It will shadow the form.action property (which means above script
wont work for one thing). Same reason that naming a button 'submit' will
lead you into trouble when you later try to add a call to javascripts
form.submit() method...

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From: Cook, Graham []
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 22:27
To: ''
Subject: LookupDispatchAction onchange

Is it possible to use an onchange event on a text input field to submit the
form to a LookupDispatchAction?

I have numerous buttons on the JSP page which submit the form to my
LookupDispatchAction, and work depending on what the value of the action is,
but i would like to also call my LookupDispatchAction from an onchange event
of a text field?

Anyone done this?

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