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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: [OT][HTML] Table height in the absence of a height attribute
Date Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:12:50 GMT
Ok. Ive attached an example html file. This is a butchered version of the
one Im actually using with some stuff taken out (wouldn't want you all to
know important proprietary info like what our css classes are named ;->).
(Also spent far too much time playing with example form content (all done in
the best possible taste ;->) hehe)

If you view it under ie5 its all layed out the way I want (and resizes
nicely with changes of window size), but under ns6, ie6, the height
attribute of the table tag isnt respected, leading the table to only expand
vertically as much as it needs to in order to accomodate its contents. This
is purely a cosmetic problem of course, but I would really like to find a
nice solution.

My rendering approach is based on DOM rather than JSP but as my question
focusses on html rather than jsp this shouldnt affect the applicability of a
solution. The dynamic stuff, such as the page content, title, navlinks, etc
etc... is inserted into the DOM before the final result is serialised to the
response writer...

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From: Gemes Tibor []
Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 22:08
Subject: Re: [OT][HTML] Table height in the absence of a height

> All my pages have a big table that acts as 'template' for the page,
> chopping it up into the classic navigator bar on the left, and the
> contents in the big cell...
> I want the table to fill the screen, so have set the height and width
>attributes to 100%.

If you describe more precisely what you would like to do maybe we can
come up with a better solution. Why is it important to put everything
into one big table?

> I only need to support NS6 and above including Mozilla, and IE5 and
> above.(thank heavens!)

Just an idea: try to use layers instead of tables for positioning. It
works nicely in all the mentioned browsers



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