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From "Darrel Riekhof" <>
Subject Presentation Forms to Business Views
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 08:44:52 GMT
Just getting started with struts, going through the oreilly book.  I've
implemented my presentation layer with struts, and now I'm working on
interfacing it with my business layer.  The book recommends converting your
form classes to DTO view classes before passing the data to the business
tier to avoid coupling presentation and business layers.

Makes sense, but it is such a royal pain in the a** doing the conversion,
and the form and view classes are so similar.  Anyone know of a clever
strategy for dealing with this issue?  I was thinking each one could use
some kind of dynamic proxy that forwards the gets and sets to a lower level
object--they both could use this object to store their data.  Then the
conversion would just be setting this object in the DTO view class.  Think
this is overkill?


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