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From "Bradley G Smith" <>
Subject Re: Oracle DataSource Tips
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:22:44 GMT

One tactic I have used is to create a singleton data access class (e.g.
DataCache) which provides methods that return data as beans (not action
form beans). The DataCache class gets initialized in a Struts plug-in.
Plug-ins execute once when the application starts and once when it shuts
down, and require Struts 1.1. The beans can do the business logic
processing as needed. The plug-in has access to the servlet context so can
access the datasource defined in struts-config.xml or in the servlet
container configuration file(s).


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I'm using oracle as my datsource as well, I haven't had this problem but
that in my earlier posting..

So who do you reference the datasource specifed in config.xml in business
logic classes. The docs recommend this seperation but provide no clear way
of doing this, am i missing something?

Many thanks mark

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