> I want to use LookupDispatchAction. > Reading one of Ted's tips, it seems that the value returned by my > submit buttons MUST be stored in a .properties file, and looked up > inside my JSP: > > > > There's no way to have a hard-coded value? or a value > coming from somewhere else? > Then how do I code the getKeyMethodMap? > I would have liked to return such a map: > "Add Item" => "add" > "Delete Item" => "delete" > Is it possible? I don't know if you can get around the .properties file; it's an integral part of using Struts. As to how to do the getKeyMethodMap method, here's mine: protected Map getKeyMethodMap() { Map map = new HashMap(); map.put( "button.add.prospect", "addProspect" ); map.put( "button.delete.prospect", "deleteProspect" ); // ... more map.put's deleted to save space return map; } button.add.prospect is in the .properties file, and addProspect is the name of the method to call. If there's any chance of this action being called *without* the parameter you've specified, you might want to override the execute method and provide a default behavior: public ActionForward execute( ... ) { if ( request.getParameter( mapping.getParameter() ) == null ) { return ( mapping.findForward( "failure" ) ); } } else { //parameter is present, let LookupDispatchAction do its thing: return super.execute( mapping, form, request, response ); } } -- Wendy Smoak Applications Systems Analyst, Sr. Arizona State University PA Information Resources Management