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From "Senthivel U S" <>
Subject ProcessAction - Scaffold package
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 08:25:06 GMT


We are planning to use Scaffold package (ProcessAction and AccessLayer).
In the ProcessAction, sometimes we want to get some user data from
database and set it in cookie.  For another request we want to read it
from cookie and merge it with the form bean and send the bean for
process.  As per the Scaffold package document, we can set user data in
cookie using getUserProfile() of ProcessAction.  But the data need to be
retrieved from database for cookie.  For retrieval, i have to call
cookiebean.execute() method. Then I have to process with Collection to
get data. (Since Access layer will always give me
Collection/ProcessResult). Moreover I have to change the executelogic()
method of ProcessAction since all my form beans can not be of type

The next approach I planned to use to sort out this issue is as follows.
Configure two beans for one Action. i.e. one bean for actual processing
and other to get the cookie value from database. Here I can not use
getUserProfile() method to set cookie value. I have to use
In that also, I have to take some straight approach (outside framework)
to find out from which Collection, I should read the cookie data and set
In cookie.

Any suggestions is highly appreciated.

Note: I don't want to make much change in executelogic() of
ProcessAction then it will lead me to deviate from the Framework.



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