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From "Mike Oliver" <>
Subject RE: Struts officially supported at Ford
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 20:15:07 GMT
And with other Open Source integration/interops like Axis4Struts,
Struts4Slide, Turbine4Struts....and my favorite VelocoRaptor and that
list goes on, before long you will be able to concentrate on just the
problem you are solving and not worry too much about infrastructure.

Michael Oliver
AppsAsPeers LLC
7391 S. Bullrider Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85747

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Subject: RE: Struts officially supported at Ford

I agree here -

The typical big company response would've been to build their own custom
framework from the ground up. The fact that they chose to start with
shows they put a good deal of thought into it and trusted the quality of
the work. It's very likely that they had internal projects be successful
using Struts and then ramped it up as a standard. I'm sure they did a
deal of testing on it and had some camps pulling to build something
There were likely other competing frameworks as well.

This is one of the greatest strengths of Open Source - as a large
you can take the app and customize to your internal environment. For

 - You could create abstract 'model' components that standardize they
people throughout the company perform database access (or web sevice

 - You could customize it to provide a standard method of acquiring and
storing user credentials so that all applications manage user
the same way.

 - You could implement plug-ins to perform custom and standardized
(assuming there is a standard logging process already in place).

The possibilities are endless -

I'll bet anything this is not the last time we here of a Fortune 500
company adopting Struts for intrnal development.



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On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Karr, David wrote:

> It's certainly good that they're using 1.1, but somewhat unfortunate
> that they stopped at b2.  There were numerous fixes put in after b2,
> including the entire Struts-EL contribution.  Hopefully they can
> their support pretty quickly.

Don't give them too hard a time about this.

It's absolutely appropriate for organizations responsible for mission
critical software to be conservative in their version choices -- and
such organization I'm familiar with puts any potential new version
very extensive testing (for example, against existing apps or against
in house customizations they did to the previous version) before putting
their stamp of approval on it.  Struts 1.1b3 hasn't been out long enough
to go through a cycle like that -- and, if I were in their shoes, given
the timing, I'd probably just skip certifying b3 and go certify 1.1

What I'm very pleased about, though, is that Ford "gets it" in a
respsect -- they didn't consider "beta" to be a four-letter word :-).


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