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From "Suresh Addagalla" <>
Subject To check if user is logged in
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:29:26 GMT

I think this is a commonly performed task, but I need your inputs to
implement it in the best possible way.

I have login page to authenticate the user. For subsequent requests, I
need to check that the user is logged in. If he is not logged in, I need
to display the login page.

Is extending ActionServlet a good way to do this? The process() method
can check for the existence of user's data in session to know if he is
logged in. But I see a problem. My login page itself is submitted to, so the login request goes through my ActionServlet subclass,
which means that he will never be able to login?? Or am I missing

Any other approach, please let me know.


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