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From Andreas Mack <>
Subject RE: Struts Productivity Survey
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 23:50:58 GMT
On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 16:39, wrote:
> Ok, so let me pose it a different way.  Put yourself in this position:
> You're a consultant or an architect who has been tasked with building a Struts application
with 100 screens.  You're actually migrating an application which was originally written as
a fat client app in VB and the server was written in C++.

I haven't work on larger projects, but here is my take: As another
poster mentioned, 50 people are too much just for the Web stuff on one
project IMHO. Second I would never let people get on such a big project
with no experience with the used framework.

My experiences:
I'm currently trying to get somebody who did nothing but PHP to Java and
Struts. He found a tutorial, I gave him also Ted's book,
showed a bit the struts-examples. I also told him to look at our
current smaller (30k loc) project and change some appearance stuff
first, then some small functionality and then go into business layer
things, i.e. database etc. It's going slow. I'm being asked "Why is it
so complicated? Why do I need these 100 files for doing just one

Last summer I booted somebody with no programming experience on Java
and Struts, doing it like this: First, get Java in, using the tutorial
on the sun site (not of interest to you). Then the Tomcat examples, Java
beans, HTTP parameters. Then I let him write a small class with a
specific problem (not so easy paging algorithm). Then apply it to
Tomcat/Struts. He learned most stuff from looking at the application
on the go.

I think important though to have a build environment ready (ant, deploy
to tomcat, etc.) so they can try their stuff out quickly. Remember
Struts is a framework, every project has its own way / pattern to
use it. New people can pick this style up and learn much faster.

It depends so much on the people. Some learn so quickly I just tell them
"Take a look at this or that." And they come back ready to use it and/or
apply it. Others I have to explain and they just "don't get it."

Andreas Mack <>
mediales. GmbH

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